Hogar Nuestra Buena Madre, A.C.

Hogar Nuestra Buena Madre (HNBM) is an organization based in Mexico City, Mexico that provides a home for over 40 children of school age. What makes HNBM unusual is that it is not an orphanage nor is it meant to be a permanent replacement for the families the children came from. HNBM provides a stable home-like environment for children throughout the school week providing not only the routine of meals, a clean place to sleep, and the academic support necessary for the children to succeed in school but also a close and intimate connection with the staff who work there as well as the other children themselves. This extended family provides the necessary support to the children so that they can more easily integrate with their own family whether it be their parents, grandparents, or extended relatives. HNBM provides family counseling and support so the children have the best chance of maintaining their relationship to their families regardless of where they live.